Subscriptions with #Teamgranola!

Ordering a subscription makes you a #Teamgranola member. This is an ideal way to be an holistic partner in our training program. All at once you:

  • support our training program
  • contribute to a stipend that puts real money in the pocket of a current refugee participant
  • enjoy the exact granola that this program participant just helped make
  • guarantee access to our latest, greatest, freshest creations
  • receive your order conveniently delivered to your door every month
Each shipment arrives with a short, fascinating bio of a current program participant.  A lot of our team members enjoy sharing these bios with their kids, friends, or co-workers.  Donations are tax-deductible. 


And guess what!: subscriptions are heavily discounted. Even without including the cost of the bio, subscriptions are the most economical way to enjoy our granola.